Co-founder OnePlus Samsung wants to become a trainee

For a company that has released only 2 smartphone, the company OnePlus has made a pretty big name. Bold marketing strategies and good smartphones at low prices: the company knows exactly how to get people interested. It seems that the success of OnePlus spodvigla co-founder of the company Karl Pei decided to thrust intern at Samsung.

Co-founder OnePlus Samsung wants to become a trainee

Under «probation» Pei means he is ready to share some of the experience that he gained in OnePlus. It also provides an agreement on cooperation and exchange of information between the two companies.

This is a fairly ambitious proposal, but Carl Pei sure that Samsung can seriously consider a new approach to the market.
At that time, as the OnePlus can offer fresh and original ideas, the Samsung will be able to share the experience that will help OnePlus not make some mistakes.

Perhaps, even the Samsung agree, because it can be a good marketing move, which will attract even more attention to the South Korean company. But, while the company did not respond to continued co-founder OnePlus.

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