Comparison of GeForce TITAN X and Radeon R9 390X

Popular Chinese resource ChipHell published what may be the results of testing of the new NVIDIA GeForce TITAN X, moreover rivals in the novelty acts Fiji XT, ie AMD Radeon R9 390X. Source leads not only data on 3DMark FireStrike Extreme, but consolidated results for 19 games in resolutions 3840 × 2160 and 2560 × 1600.

It is interesting that in the list there is also a version of the map on the basis of GM200 with truncated (cut) configuration and 6 GB of video memory to 12 GB on board TITAN X. It is quite noticeably inferior «Titan» in all the tests, but less than the entire — in 2560 × 1600, which is logical, because in this mode, the load on the memory subsystem and the core is much smaller. More recently, this mode was considered extreme.

In general, the news is not too good for NVIDIA, as in the best possible mode at the highest setting card from AMD Fiji XT, equipped only 4 GB of video memory, even a few ahead of TITAN X. Needless to say, how much does it last? However, the retail price of Radeon R9 390X has not been determined, but most likely it will be significantly lower than US $ 1,000.

In the 2560 × 1600 backlog truncated cards based on the GM200 is not so great, but superior to the GeForce GTX 980 does not inspire awe — only 127 frames per second against 110, the difference did not fatal, and in any case not worth the overpayment. A curious kind of card GeForce GTX 9 ** 3 GB of video memory on board. What lies behind this designation is hard to say, but obviously not GM204. Perhaps some early sample GM200.

With regard to energy consumption, the advantage here is definitely on the side of NVIDIA — 256 watts vs. 289 watts in Fiji XT, which means simpler and quiet cooling system, without the use of a variety of tricks such as hybrid water-air circuit. Even less, only 235 watts consumes map with GM200 and 6 GB of onboard memory.

Features GM200 themselves inspire respect: 8.1 billion transistors on a single chip are a true technological marvel. But this is still a miracle is purely symbolic — like any model of the series TITAN, TITAN X will be very expensive, while the price of Fiji XT will clearly below $ 1,000. However, the appearance of these cards AMD still have to wait.


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