Cortana emerged from beta

Voice assistant Cortana was exclusive to the Windows operating system until recently, but Microsoft is looking to expand its influence over other platforms and have done a lot in the past few months.

Cortana emerged from beta

Microsoft for a long time tested proprietary voice assistant for Android app now officially available for download from Google Play.

The company aggressively promotes OneDrive and Office suite, as well as PowerPoint and OneNote, which are available for free, without any additional fees. Micro even managed to replace Dropbox in the last series of the company’s flagship device.

Therefore, the next logical step would be to make it available on other platforms Cortana, what actually happened. Currently, voice assistant available in the US and China, but Microsoft will begin to expand presence in other countries in the near future.

Cortana – is a separate application that competes with Siri and Google Now. The app keeps track of the schedule and the interests of users, provides updates and quickly respond to appropriate questions.

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