Cortana for Android can be activated by voice

Microsoft is continuing to expand the functionality of its voice assistant Cortana to upgrade the beta application for Android. With the upgrade to version, the assistant gets a new feature: “Hey, Cortana”.

Cortana for Android can be activated by voice

For owners of Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows 10, this is not news. Activation Cortana voice assistant allows you to call when your smartphone is in standby mode.

Although it looks like a big bang for the Windows Phone, it is clear that Microsoft still limits the functionality for Android. Now Cortana call only works if the screen is unlocked, or the application is running.

Microsoft Cortana opened a public beta for Android in late August, and anyone can create, test and write a review about the application. For owners of Windows 10 on your PC, Cortana can synchronize the settings, preferences, and reminders.

However, so far it is not clear when the company is planning the official launch of its service.

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