Cortana has become a pre-application CyanogenMod 12.1

Microsoft is still working hard to popularize its mobile operating system, but that is not stopping the company from making deals to distribute their applications on other platforms.

Cortana has become a pre-application CyanogenMod 12.1

In the past, Microsoft Office was part of the office applications preinstalled on CyanogenMod, but now also receive CyanogenMod preinstalled voice assistant Cortana.

This should not be a complete surprise, since actively exaggerated the rumors that would replace the Cyanogen Google services, and now in their operating system, Google Now there was an alternative.

Now voice assistant from Microsoft is not a system application and can be easily removed, although not ruled out the possibility that in future versions of Cortana will be more integrated into the Cyanogen OS.

In addition Cyanogen said to Cortana can perform functions which are not capable of any of Siri, or Google Now.

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