Cortana update adds new widget

Voice Assistant Microsoft Cortana has been available on Android for about 2 months, but soon after it was launched, it received an update, removes the word to start “Hey, Cortana“ (Though the functionality has remained in Cyanogen OS) due to potential conflicts with the assistant from Google. This worsened the use of the application, because it has become more difficult to run.

Cortana update adds new widget

Upgrading to version 1.4.0 is trying to work around this problem by adding a widget to the desktop. The widget consists of a large button with the inscription “Ask Cortana“That launches voice search, a list of upcoming events and reminders, and another button to add a reminder.

Widget should allow you access to most of the functional Cortana from the home screen. Updates also improves the download speed and stability increases.

The official list of changes includes:
1. A new widget. To quickly launch Cortana and adding reminders.
2. Reduced application load time.
3. Improved performance in low speed and unstable network conditions.
4. A more stable relationship, the interaction.

Update is now available on Google Play for the majority of users. If you still can not upgrade, you should wait a few days.

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