Curved displays appear on smartphones at the end of the year

Late last month, Taiwanese media reported that Chinese manufacturers hope to release smartphones with curved displays this year. And we have seen the smartphone Vivo XPlay5, who became the first smartphone, in addition to Samsung, which has a screen that is curved at the edges.

Curved displays appear on smartphones at the end of the year

Now, according to industry insiders, there are several other Chinese manufacturers that develop smartphone with curved display, and the device is expected to hit the market in Q4 2016. So, until the end of the year, you can see three or four different product, with most of them will offer Chinese manufacturers.

And it makes sense, since Samsung have developed a technology that was unique, but the company has spent millions, if not billions, for its development. Shipments of panels for the Chinese companies, which manage to sell millions of smartphones in China and abroad, can bring more profits for Samsung.

But it will also affect the cost of such devices as a curved display will no longer be something exceptional. So Samsung will have to offer a lot more than the other competitors.

With regard to possible Chinese manufacturers who could release a smartphone with a curved display, then most likely, it will be Huawei and Xiaomi. Insiders say that the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 might be an ideal candidate for such a display of equipment.

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