Cyanogen MOD platform provided

Typically, mobile applications are compatible with the operating system, but are not fully integrated into it. Cyanogen – the company that is best known for its custom firmware the CyanogenMod, the MOD is launching a new platform that gives developers the ability to integrate their applications directly to the operating system.

Cyanogen MOD platform provided

The basic idea here is to give developers access to many API, which is previously only available to OS developers themselves so they could write an integrated version of their applications or extensions to existing programs.

Given the potential consequences for safety, it is not surprising that Cyanogen is only a small number of developers, but in the long term, the company wants to open this platform to all developers.

What does this mean in practice? With the MOD platform, developers can integrate their VoIP extensions directly in the Dialer application. The team worked with Skype and most likely, it will be one of the first mods for Cyanogen OS.

With Skype additions, users can choose whether they want to make a call through the telephone network or via Skype right from the dialer. So instead of setting a number of applications, moving between them, you could just get a single multi-function program.

Given the close Cyanogen relationship with Microsoft, it is not surprising that the team does not just integrate Skype but also Cortana. Using this new platform, you can make voice commands to the camera.

Through this, you can now use your voice to take a picture of yourself, instead of messing around with a camera button. The team also used the Microsoft Hyperlapse integrated it directly into the camera app.

Similarly, MOD can be used for interactive lock screen, allowing users to see updates from your favorite social networks without having to unlock the device.

In addition, the company also runs a program for its OEM partners, who want to turn their device into a platform. Cyanogen will provide development tools and ensures that their software will be ready for the latest generation of chipsets.

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