Cyanogen shared plans for 2016

After a long time, it failed because Cyanogen development team custom firmware will become a company with which many manufacturers are willing to cooperate. Cyanogen announced their plans for 2016, and apparently, the company is preparing for a grand year.

Cyanogen shared plans for 2016

The team of enthusiasts, which eventually became a corporation, decided to release a number of entry-level smartphone that will run on CyanogenOS.

How accessible are they? According to Cyanogen, most likely, they will be priced in the range of $ 75. However, the company does not disclose information about its OEM-partners; Cyanogen only hinted that they are negotiating with several manufacturers.

We assume that among the companies that have indicated their desire to work with Cyanogen, may be an Indian manufacturer Micromax, namely, their subsidiary and a subsidiary of Yu Lenovo – ZUK, who already had experience Cyanogen.

In addition to the entry-level devices, the representative of Cyanogen also hinted that CyanogenOS will also mysterious flagship operating system devices. We have some suspicions that this might be ZUK Z2, but the possibility of the participation of another manufacturer is also not excluded.

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