data backup function appeared in the Android M

Android M promises to bring a lot of useful new features and changes. Some of them are less noticeable, while others – immediately catch the eye. But perhaps the most useful addition is the new automatic data backup application, details of which recently opened Google.

data backup function appeared in the Android M

The idea is pretty simple: the data your applications are backed up, copied and saved automatically, so that you can easily recover all of your old data and settings after you reset or switch to a new device. Of course, the advanced Android users use third-party software for data recovery, but the automated system is much more convenient.

“Automatic backup for applications”, Just so dubbed Google feature has been available in the latest build Android M for developers. Developers can customize their program in accordance with this change.

Applications, data which are no more than 25 MB Download now, synced with Google Disc, but do not occupy the space available to the user. And considering that the backup is not directly related to Google Play, it is possible that it is possible to save application data purchased at other stores.

Developers and just interested people can learn the details of the new Android features the M, watching video, or by going to the Android Developers Blog.

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