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mobile application market for Android is growing rapidly and today is quite difficult to find an application that will fully satisfy us. Output is: write your own app !!!

How to do it? Very simple!! But this will require you to have time and desire to achieve results.

You are ready? Then we begin !!


In this article I will discuss the tools to develop for Android, with which you can write your own application.

First, a little about the operating system itself.

Android – A free operating system based on Linux with Java programming interface. Operating system to create an alliance Open Handset Alliance, led by Google. For the development has all the necessary tools – compiler, debugger and device emulator, as well as its own virtual machine Java (Dalvik Virtual Machine – DVM).

There are 2 main tool for application development under the OC:

  1. Eclipse
  2. Android Studio

We’ll talk more about them. Eclipse is known to most developers in Java.  The system is convenient and intuitive. It presents all the required functionality.

Development Tools for Android

SETka Eclipse

  1. Go to website Android Developer site. Select the operating system version that is on your computer, and downloads. After downloading, unpack the archive. I have a folder on the desktop is not to lose.
    Development Tools for Android

  2. If you have not installed jdk, then get it on Oracle Web site, download and install.
  3. Open Eclipse. To have the opportunity to write applications for Android, you need to install the Android SDK. To do this, go to the folder where you extracted the downloaded archive and run the SDK Manager.  If you want to develop all commercially available version of OC Android, then mark all the items. The most common at the moment the version starts with Android 2.2 (API 8)  and up to the latest version of Android 4.4 (API 19). Points Extras Tools and make sure you check that there were no problems in the future.   Next, click Install, accept the license and wait. until the program finishes its work.
    Development Tools for Android

  4. Eclipse is ready for writing applications. 

Installing Android Studio

This development system created by Google specifically for developers. Installation is simpler than Eclipse. Just go on Website Developer, select your version of the operating system and follow the prompts.

Development Tools for Android

In the next article, I’ll tell you about the basic ingredients Android applications and how to make your first project on Android.


This article is for those who enjoy home of Windows. If you need instructions for installing on Linux, write in our group VC.

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