Devices MediaTek have vulnerability

Earlier this month, a security researcher, Justin Case, who wrote about the existence of vulnerabilities in the MediaTek chips. Today, the company MediaTek has recognized that the potential threat of malicious exploits do exist.

Devices MediaTek have vulnerability

Although the company MediaTek already trying to play down the implications seem to programming error has created vulnerability in the Android-devices running android 4.4 kitkat.

Taking advantage of this vulnerability, an attacker can gain root access to the device, deaktivirovatt it, or to spy on him. MediaTek already confirmed that the bug exists and they say that their security service works to come up with a solution.

According to the company, the vulnerability is caused by the fact that smartphone manufacturers did not follow their instructions, do not disable debugging before sending smartphones. The company does not report the names of producers, and as a result, we do not know exactly what models of devices at risk.

MediaTek also declined to estimate how many devices may be affected, but they said they are taking steps to ensure that all manufacturers are aware of this problem.

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