Director General of Xiaomi unveiled plans for the company’s products

As a rule, Xiaomi company is quite good to keep their innovations secret, but in the past few months, the company has become more open to inform about upcoming products. And now, in his recent interview with the company’s CEO, Lei Jun, answered questions about the upcoming devices company.

Director General of Xiaomi unveiled plans for the company's products

To make it more clear, we took each product or product component that was mentioned during the interview and outlined how they reacted to the Lei Jun’s. Some, apparently, as if preparing to release, while other information remains confidential.

Xiaomi Drone – launching soon
Mi Band 2 – starting next month
Xiaomi processor – no comment
Xiaomi Notebook – no comment
Xiaomi VR – in development
Curved screens – soon
Wireless charging technology – soon
Dual Camera – perhaps
Split screen function – preparing
Xiaomi Robot – is considered
Mi Note 2 – secret

So in this way the drone, Mi Band of the second generation, the VR-headset, a curved display and wireless charging – what can we expect in the coming months. We can also assume that the curved display and wireless charging appears on the Mi Note 2.

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