Disclosed detail design Nexus 6P

When the network appeared the first renderings Nexus 6P, many confused projecting portion on the rear panel. By the end it was not clear what has caused such a decision, however, PHABLET designer from Google and Huawei, Jeff Hepher, explained what is connected with such an unusual smartphone design.

Disclosed detail design Nexus 6P

First, he said that he wanted to make the smartphone more mysterious. «For me, a black stripe – is a portal into the digital world in your smartphone. I wanted to there was some mystery» – He admitted Hefer.

However, at the same time, the strip carries with it a number of practical features. To begin with, in the projection is most sensors. This preserves the integrity of the aluminum panel and use it along with NFC.

In addition, this decision holds the smartphone vibrates when stationary. «When you put it is not a table – it really is still» – Said the designer.

Of course, the use of such a design can have a negative impact on the selection of the device. Only time will tell – whether practical side will overcome the aesthetic.

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