Exynos 8890 set a new record AnTuTu

It’s no secret that the next flagship chipset from Samsung, Exynos 8890 will be “heart” one of the variations of the upcoming flagship Samsung Galaxy S7. processor recently passed the tests in the benchmark AnTuTu, which chip set a new record in the synthetic benchmarks.

Exynos 8890 set a new record AnTuTu

According to the listing, the chipset scored 103,692 points, easily ahead of Kirin 950, which featured more than 94,000 points.

Back in September Exynos 8890 rewrote the record books in GeekBench. Chip scored unusually high number of points – 6908 in multi-core and single-core test in 2294. The chip is made by Samsung 14nm process technology with FinFET.

That the Galaxy S7 is expected to be equipped with a 5.2-inch display. The previous information says that the smartphone will be unveiled on February 21, what will happen the day before the exhibition MWC 2016 in Barcelona.

As you know, this is not the first time when Samsung holds its own event on the day before the MWC. The S5 Galaxy and Galaxy 6 have also been announced the day before the exhibition in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

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