FCC to help producers with the security update

FCC to help producers with the security update

Safety is always of paramount importance, but mobile security is now coming out in the first place, because humanity is using mobile devices more often. That is why the FCC wants to find out why the carriers and manufacturers spend so much time in order to provide security patches.

FCC to help producers with the security update

In its press release, the Federal Communications Commission has announced that they are in cooperation with the FTC will investigate the renewal of mobile security. The basic idea here is that they want to get data from carriers and manufacturers to see what can be improved.

FCC said Stagefright vulnerability that could really be a disaster for many people, but it was later corrected through Google. Although Google, Samsung and LG are published monthly security patches, unfortunately, millions of vulnerable people still use older devices that are no longer supported by the manufacturers.

FCC sent letters to carriers with questions about the processes for “review and release security updates for mobile devices”. They want to know such things as whether the carrier is facing problems or difficulties in the release of an update if there are obstacles in the installation of updates.

All parties have 45 days to respond to FCC and the FTC, so take some time before we know anything.

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