File Manager Android N learned new tricks

Google announced Android N yesterday, but we have already managed to learn a lot of new information about the new version of Google’s operating system. Although it seems that we know almost everything there is something new.

File Manager Android N learned new tricks

Android N brings a ton of improvements and features. It seems, Google also updated the built-in file manager, which is now able to do much more.

File Manager has been integrated into Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Google has added additional functionality on top of existing applications.

Now the drop-down menu, the opportunity to add a new folder or open a new window that will appear in the multitasking menu. Also, you can rename files, and to the possibilities of the copy and paste function added movement.

If the folder is empty, then it will show you manager using a special image that is pleasing addition. Now File Manager from Google really looks like a file manager.

Whereas previously users had to rely on third-party program, it is now the application can meet the demands of many owners of devices with Android N.

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