Five of the best five years ago smartphones

Five of the best five years ago smartphones

On the smartphone market situation in a few years may vary considerably. Apple has with this statement can not agree, the newly released iPhone the SE, looking exactly the same as the old iPhone 5, but this is an exception.
If you have not noticed the changes of recent years, this article will remind you of events 2011.

2011 was a significant year for the mobile industry, as Nokia has lost its leading position, which is intercepted by Samsung and Apple. In February, Nokia announced the transition to Windows Mobile operating system, after which the sale of devices on Symbian almost immediately collapsed.
Needless to say on the finances of the company is not affected for the better, especially given the undistinguished first Windows-smartphones Lumia 800 and 710. As a result, unit Devices & Services Nokia has sold to Microsoft and Lumia smartphones of recent time continued to be issued, and the old system Symbian is gone.
It was at this time, Apple, Samsung and many other manufacturers have introduced new attractive devices, some of which are issued and descendants today. Today’s smart phones have become larger in size, faster and in general to work, but the model shown below were quite good by the standards of 2011 and helped the smartphone market to move forward.
Devices are presented in the order they appear on the shelves.

Samsung Galaxy S II

The original Galaxy S was released in the first half of 2010 and was the beginning of the transformation process in Samsung’s leading manufacturer of smartphones on Android. Released after the Galaxy S II (April 2011) suggested that higher specifications and improved design, almost immediately becoming successful.

In the US, he came later than in other countries (in September), all the major operators (other than Verizon).

Five of the best five years ago smartphones

Five of the best five years ago smartphones

Five of the best five years ago smartphones

With housing 8.49 mm machine was pretty thin at that time. Thanks to the 2-core chip Exynos 4210 1.2 GHz and RAM of 1 GB S II was one of the most productive. Attracts the attention of its 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus (were models with a screen of 4.5 inches), although it was not as crisp as in Retina iPhone (480 x 800).

The smartphone runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread (upgradeable to 4.1 Jelly Bean) with a shell TouchWiz. The latter is known for its oversaturation of pre-installed apps, but someone likes more than a clean version of Android features.

Less than a year has sold more than 20 million. Galaxy S2.

HTC Sensation

Five of the best five years ago smartphones

HTC Sensation XL photo

This device was introduced a month after the Galaxy S II, became in 2011 one of the best in terms of design. Partially made of aluminum, the Sensation has a curved back cover, is perfectly combined with a beveled glass screen coating. S-LCD display itself is 4.3 inches in size has a maximum at the time for this platform resolution of 540 x 960, and was not as bright as the AMOLED, but still good.

Then use 2-core Snapdragon S3 1,2 GHz, memory capacity was only 768 MB. That was enough for the Android 2.3 (updated to 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich) and Sense UI shell.

Apple iPhone 4S

Recalling glass and metal iPhone 4 2010 release, iPhone 4S was released in October 2011 received a higher specification and new software features. The most important of these was the voice assistant Siri – an innovative product that could be a precursor to the emergence assistants Google Voice Search (eventually united with Google Now) and Microsoft Cortana.

Five of the best five years ago smartphones

Apple iPhone 4S photo

Other improvements iPhone 4S included a 2-core Apple A5 chip (the first 2-core CPU in the iPhone), 8 MP camera can record video at 1080p. Memory capacity is 512 MB, which is quite enough for a quick operation of the system. iPhone 4S had a small size compared to other flagships 2011 Retina screen diagonal is 3.5 inches (640 x 960, pixel density of 326 ppi).

It was the last iPhone with such a small screen 4-inch iPhone 5) was introduced the following year.

Motorola Droid Razr

Many years ago, Motorola has made the thinnest phone clamshell called the Razr, selling it in quantity, amount to tens of millions. However, with the advent of smart phones in 2007 and 2008, its popularity has declined as a whole category of clamshells.

Despite this, the Razr brand was resurrected in November 2011, when Motorola and Verizon released the Droid Razr: Android-smartphone with support for the LTE, called by many “extremely thin” (7.1 mm, although the camera bulged outwards).

Five of the best five years ago smartphones

Smartphone Motorola Droid Razr photo

If we forget about the slim, Droid Razr stood back cover of Kevlar, provide additional protection. The body was impervious to splashes, used 4.3-inch screen Super AMOLED (540 x 960), 2-core CPU TI OMAP 4430 1.2GHz.

There were other functions inherent flagships of 2011 – 1 GB of memory, 8 megapixel camera with 1080p video. Outside the US Droid Razr came out under the name of Motorola Razr.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Five of the best five years ago smartphones

Photo Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Like the Droid Rarz, Galaxy Nexus has appeared in November 2011, but it was quite different. For the first time in the world came in the smartphone Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, offering on-screen navigation buttons, face recognition, support for NFC and a simpler interface.

Galaxy Nexus was also one of the first with a screen with a resolution of 720 x 1280 (4.65-inch Super AMOLED with high contrast, good color and clarity of 316 ppi). They used a 2-core TI OMAP 4460 1.2 GHz and 1 GB of memory, making it one of the fastest at the time.

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