Flagships Galaxy S7 appeared on another leak

Just yesterday it was reported that Samsung may release only two versions of the new flagship smartphone. And now the network has an image with the device circuitry.

Flagships Galaxy S7 appeared on another leak

Before we dive into detail, it should be understood that the accuracy of this scheme can not be verified. Therefore, the information should be taken with a share of skeptics.

According to Scheme leaked, Samsung Galaxy S7 will have the same width and height (mm 70h143) from Galaxy S6. This is interesting, given that the Galaxy S7, is expected to be equipped with a 5.2-inch display, compared with the 5.1-inch to the Galaxy S6.

Thus, the ratio of the screen to the body is 73.94%. The comparable figure at the Galaxy S6 – 70.7%.

In turn, Galaxy S7 Edge get the dimensions 73 × 151 mm. It is equipped with 5.5-inch screen that holds 76.62% of the front panel.

Another detail that reveals the scheme, Galaxy S7 will receive a curved back panel for improved ergonomics. Galaxy S7 Edge depicted with a flat back, which makes sense, given the curved display.

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