Folding displays will not appear until 2017

Apparently, the next big explosion in the mobile market, will foldable displays that represent the next evolutionary step after displeey bent, such as in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Folding displays will not appear until 2017

Earlier we heard that Samsung plans to introduce the world’s first foldable smartphone – a device, which is known as Project Valley – before the end of the year. However, some analysts do not believe that this deadline is realistic.

Kevin Wang, director of research at China’s authoritative market research firm IHS Technology, recently published a post in Weibo, saying that while display manufacturers have made progress with folding screens, the first commercial implementation of such panels may not be available for purchase until early next year. Wang also said that now the producers can make folding screens with a radius of curvature of 3 mm.

Of course, while Kevin Wang and authoritative analyst, his statement is only an assumption. Therefore, it is possible that manufacturers such as Samsung and LG will be able to exceed the expectations of researchers and to provide folding device at the end of this year.

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