Force Touch Pro 6 is confirmed in

Force Touch Pro 6 is confirmed in

Although Force Touch is quite popular feature, its presence only a few smartphones. But the vice-president of the Chinese company Meizu and chief architect Flyme Yang Yang shared the screenshot, giving us to understand that smartphones with touch-sensitive displays will be more.

Force Touch Pro 6 is confirmed in

So far we have seen the technology in action on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, as well as the recently announced Gionee S8. Of course, Huawei S and ZTE Axon Mini also have a new opportunity, but it’s almost all smart phones that are equipped with Force Touch.

Judging by the screenshots, the Meizu is able to perform the same functions as the iPhone 6c. As you can see in the screenshot, press on the display brings up a context menu with options on top of the background blur.

Most of the problem is the fact that major players like Samsung, LG and the Sony, do not wish to equip their devices the new technology that affects the motivation of developers to create applications with support for Force Touch.

Chinese manufacturers, on the other hand, is clearly more prone to new developments, and we hope that companies still manage to attract interest in the Force Touch.

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