Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge appeared on the renderers

GSM Arena and manufacturer ITSKINS teamed up once again to provide regular renderings Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

To begin with, renders confirm that Galaxy S7 will have a shape and size that in the Galaxy S6. Also worth noting is that the rear panel of the conventional Galaxy S7 is curved, while the S7 Edge will get a flat back.

Renders also show another Home in comparison with the button that we’ve seen on previous render. Of course, there is reason to doubt the credibility of renderings.

Manufacturers covers usually receive only the thickness dimensions, the width and height of the device, but does not always have access to the details of the appearance of the devices.

However, we found confirmation in a recent leak that revealed the scheme upcoming flagship smartphone from Samsung. According to the scheme, Samsung Galaxy S7 really get the size identical to the Galaxy S6, despite the fact that the screen size of the new items will be more.

Therefore, the likelihood that we will see devices exactly as they are shown in the render, is quite high.

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