Galaxy S7 can get the support of two SIM-cards

The mystery surrounding the upcoming flagship line accumulates more and more. There is still no one can accurately name a diagonal of the screen, no processor, no launch date devices.

Galaxy S7 can get the support of two SIM-cards

Rumors say that the smartphone will be available in three sizes and four models. Basic Galaxy S7 will receive a 5.1-inch display, Galaxy S7 Edge got a big 5.5-inch screen. Galaxy S7 Plus will have a 6-inch screen and will be available with flat and curved display.

Recently certified devices found in Indonesia can provide some additional information. Listing lists the two models, SM-G930FD and SM-G935FD.

Given the previous leak, we can predperemestit that the certification applies to the Galaxy S7 model. Letter «F» most likely points to the Exynos chipset, and the abbreviation “FD” indicates the Exynos version with support for two SIM-cards, as it was with the Galaxy S6. This means that the Galaxy S7 will get a variation with two SIM-cards.

As for the other alleged specifications, Galaxy S7 equip Super AMOLED-display, 4 GB of RAM and a new 12-megapixel camera Samsung BRITECELL. Another rumor suggests microSD card, and possibly even waterproof. It is expected that the announcement of the device will be held on 21 February.

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