Galaxy S7 reappeared in GeekBench

Although the announcement of Galaxy S7 only a little more than two weeks, it is worth noting that Samsung is not much will surprise us during the presentation. Specifications and appearance in detail fall into the net again and again, and smart phone just can not hide the huge number of secrets.

Galaxy S7 reappeared in GeekBench

At the same time, it continues to receive reports, in particular about performance S7. And now we again received data on a smartphone with a synthetic test site GeekBench, that, most likely, is the final model for the operator T-Mobile.

This Galaxy S7, which is powered by Snapdragon 820 processor, managed to achieve some pretty high numbers. The test demonstrated a single core chip in 2300 balls. For comparison, Mate 8 scored about 1,600 points. With regard to multi-core test processor shown here in display 5352 points.

Worth noting that today’s figures are much higher than the original data, which means that Samsung and Qualcomm have spent quite a lot of work over the chipset.

And although the Snapdragon 820 is still inferior to the single-core processor test from Apple, AnTuTu benchmark showed that the chipset is the most powerful solution on the market.

Of course, while we have not seen the new processor from Samsung, Exynos 8990, which will feature some variation of Samsung Galaxy S7, so the situation may change with the announcement of the new processor.

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