Getting Root Prestigio PMP7170B3G

There is a lack of functionality on the acquired Android tablet Prestigio PMP7170B3G? You want to get root access on the tablet? Site Guideroot and the article receiving Root Prestigio PMP7170B3G will help you!

What is Root?

For those who only became a novice or an expert it is not in the vast world of Android, and is not particularly familiar with the concept of how to – Root Android, and why you need it, you can do after getting Root rights or subsequently get rid of them if they are all this will no longer need can be found in a detailed article – root Android!

First of all!

In this article, there is no “left” links or unnecessary actions! If you really need Root rights, read carefully and follow step by step, it is a guarantee that you will do everything right! This article is to obtain Root rights is divided into two parts: The first part – is Prerequisites and Conditions, The second part – a instructions how to use the received files and programs to obtain root privileges.  If in the process of becoming root Android constantly restarts or during eternal boot (which happens very rarely, but still), it is worth reset or wipe data. Now proceed to the preparation Root rights!

Android manufacturers sometimes release a new firmware, which is impossible to get a Root one of the methods, if the article there are alternative ways to try them. It is impossible anyway? Specify the version of Android, and the firmware version in the comments (do not write angry govnokommentarii, that you do not put themselves or others).
Dependency Android (not loaded), read and re-read from the first paragraph, all the links in the article are present!

Still have questions?

Still have questions or fail to get root access on your Android? Leave a comment about what you got or did not work, or you do differently.

Getting Root Prestigio PMP7170B3G

Required for Root rights

  1. computer or laptop (OS Windows);
  2. Intact MicroUSB cable;
  3. Download and install driver;
  4. Charge tablet Prestigio PMP7170B3G should be not less than 30%;
  5. Enable USB debugging on the tablet;
  6. Download the archive with the console program to get Root rights –


Instructions receipt Root Prestigio PMP7170B3G

1. Unzip the archive

2. In the folder ROOT_v5 find file root.bat and run through the program (2nd click)

Getting Root Prestigio PMP7170B3G

3. Press any key and wait for the tablet to reboot;

4.  Wait  until the tablet is fully loaded and  again, press any key and wait for the tablet to reboot;

5.  Wait for a full load, and press any key and practices Root.

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