Gmail is experiencing sync problems

If you are a user of mail service Gmail, you have probably noticed that the last week or two, the application notifies you of new mail with a delay, or in some cases, the notification does not appear at all until the application is not running.

Gmail is experiencing sync problems

It seems it’s not just scientists Gmail accounts, Hotmail users also have problems with synchronization, but Google has released a new version of the Gmail app that corrects these problems.

The Google Team placed position in the Help forum Gmail, which confirmed that the problem of synchronization for fixed accounts and should no longer disturb the users.

However, the problem is not resolved in version 5.10, and affect the Nexus devices, and Samsung. The devices still do not get push-notifications. The Gmail Team is well aware of this bug and is actively working on its solution. We hope it will not take too much time.

Some users have reported that turning off the battery optimizations for Gmail to Marshmallow may fix the problem, but such action is not a universal solution.

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