Gmail received text formatting

Today, Google announced two significant new features in Gmail for Android, which include formatting text, and support for “instant confirmation”That one touch gives you access to the response to an invitation from Calendar.

Gmail received text formatting

In its statement Google said that these days more than two-thirds of all Gmail users check e-mail from their smartphone, so that the presence of a rich and really fast experience is more important than ever.

With the new text editing capabilities, Android-users will now be able to add text highlighting, underlining and bold in emails.

New editing functions are available from the row above the keyboard next to the other frequently used functions, as shown in the screenshot on the right.

With acknowledgments mgnovennymii users will have access to the response to the invitation within the Gmail app. Therefore, when you receive an invitation to the Calendar, it will appear in the letter button to answer “Yes”.

You’ll also get a quick look of the forthcoming entry in Calendar, to help you make your decision, as shown in the picture above on the left.

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