Gmail uses every seventh inhabitant of the planet

Following the financial results of the 4th quarter, the Google-published in the Twitter account Gmail message in which it was said that the postal service has overcome quite a large proportion.

According to Google, the last month were more than 1 billion active users, which is quite an impressive result. Unfortunately, Google does not announce numbers for related applications such as Hangouts.

The fact that Gmail is growing at a steady pace, Google announced back in May. Then Gmail totaled to 900 million monthly active users. The announcement was made in conjunction with the announcement e-mails sharing application, Inbox, making it accessible to all.

Of course, Gmail by Google is not the first service that has 1 billion users, and the seventh, but still the figure is a good achievement. Thus, Gmail is connected to services such as Search, Chrome, Android, Google Play, Maps and YouTube.

More some interesting data about Gmail, which gave Google, this information about the smart answers that offer automatic answers to e-mails based on machine analysis of the text in the message you received.

According to Google, automatically generated response options in your Gmail account for 10% of all responses generated in a mobile application.

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