Google added reminders Web Calendar

Back in early December 2015 year, Google updated the Calendar application for Android, which was very useful function – the ability to include reminders. Although the function was conceived as a cross-platform feature that offers an easy way for Google Apps users, function spared web-version of the service.

Google added reminders Web Calendar

However, it seems to have corrected as Google confirmed today that the web-version of the Calendar will be updated to support the reminder function. As a result, if you’re someone who frequently uses the desktop version of Google Calendar, update will allow you to create and manage reminders.

It should also be noted that the cross-platform support means that the feature will be available in Google Now, Keep and Inbox. As is known, in contrast to the usual reminders from Google feature will not be removed by timeout and remain at the top of the calendar until you manually mark it as completed.

It is not known when the company will make available a reminder for all users, but traditionally, it will take some time and you will be able to use a function in the next couple of weeks.

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