Google announced a family membership to Play Music

As expected, Google on their special event provided a new kind of subscriptions to Play Music. Instead of having to pay for several separate accounts, family members can now use a single subscription is almost $ 15 per month.

Google announced a family membership to Play Music

The current cost of access to the service Google Play Music streaming is $ 10, so it will save money even if the user wishes to subscribe for two people. Nova Plan covers 6 accounts.

The new family plan is a good choice compared to Spotify’s service, which charges $ 14.99 per month for two people, $ 19.99 for three, $ 24.99 for four and $ 29.99 for five family members.

New subscription option will be available later this year, so I have to wait a little longer. Also, it is expected that the transition to a family plan must revoke all previous discounts, if any.

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