Google announced the Android Support Library update

Android Support Library v23.2 is available for developers. This may be one of the biggest upgrades in recent years, bringing some significant opportunities.

Google announced the Android Support Library update

Vector image

Full support of vector image was first introduced in Android 5.0 Lollipop, allowing developers to equip their programs easily resized vector images instead of multiple images of different sizes.

Vector images can easily be scaled to virtually any screen pixel density, which meant a reduction in the size of the application. In the case of saturated graphics applications, this may lead to more than 50% reduction in size of the jth. Unfortunately, this feature was limited to API 21 and above.

With the update, developers can now use a vector image, starting with the API 7. Animated Vector images are more limited, and available with the API 11, but they still cover more than 97% of devices in active use.

Day and night theme

Awakening your screen smarfona night can be quite uncomfortable for the eyes. Some developers have pledged to make some adjustments to their applications in order to take into account the different levels of light or time of day, but the update is now offering to automate the process.

On the basis of your last known location, application threads will be able to switch from day to night mode and vice versa. Support for the API calls 14 and above, but will still work with older versions of Android, not only will switch depending on the time and location.

New control: Bottom Sheets

Google produced a number of different interfaces, but one that is becoming increasingly popular – Bottom Sheets. This is the page content that appears below and is located above the rest of the interface.

Bottom Sheets became a popular element of the application and has appeared in Google Maps and Dialer. It can also be used for things such as transition or additional dialogue menu. The update adds support for Bottom Sheets for third-party applications, as well as managing them.

Updated control: RecyclerView

Control now supports automatic measurement. RecyclerView can determine its size depending on the size of its contents and occupy as much space as he needs.

Custom buttons Custom Tabs

Last year at I / O 2015, we announced the Google Custom Tabs, features for the Chrome browser in the third-party applications, so that users can get all the benefits of entry to their accounts. Developers can add custom buttons for better control.

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