Google announced the new price limits on Google Play

Google has announced on the Chrome developer summit, quite a few changes to Google Play. For starters, the Google Now let developers in 17 different countries to reduce the price of their paid apps, games and in-game purchases. This gives developers more flexibility in pricing their services to better serve customers in different areas.

Google announced the new price limits on Google Play

Here is the list of countries provided a new opportunity, as well as old and new minimum prices:

Brazil: R $ 0.99 (was R $ 2.50)
Chile: CLP200.00 (was CLP $ 500.00)
Colombia: COP $ 800.00 (was $ 2000.00 COP)
Hungary 125.00 foriantov (was 225.00 foriantov)
Indonesia: 3000.00 Rp (was 12000.00 Rp)
Malaysia: 1.00 RM (was 3.50 RM)
Mexico: MXN $ 5.00 (was MXN $ 9.90)
Philippines: ₱ 15.00 (was ₱ 43.00)
Poland: zł1.79 (it was zł2.99)
Peru: S /. 0.99 (was S /. 3.00)
Russia: ₽15.00 (was ₽20.00)
Saudi Arabia: ﷼ 0.99 (was 2.00 ﷼)
South Africa: R3.99 (was R10.00)
Thailand: ฿ 10.00 (was 32.00 ฿)
Turkey: ₺0.59 (was ₺2.00)
Ukraine: ₴ 5.00 (was 8.00 ₴)
Viet Nam: ₫ 6,000 (was ₫ 21,000.00)

In the last year, Google unveiled a book for developers to help them grow their business. The book, entitled “Secrets of successful apps on Google Play”More than 200,000 times was downloaded.

Today, Google has released the second edition of the book, which covers the new tools. It also gives practical advice for improving the quality of application, methods of increasing of enthusiasm and interest in the program.

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