Google announced the tool & ldquo; About Me & rdquo;

Google has introduced a new online tool that makes it easy to control which parts of your personal data will be made publicly available via Google services.

Google announced the tool & ldquo; About Me & rdquo;

A tool called “About me“ It looks like a page which includes such areas as work, education, place of residence and other personal information that you can share with others, with privacy for each section.

Generally, “About me” look like «About myself» on the Google+ page. With it the user can go into each category and click on the pencil icon in each field to edit the information or click on the icon of confidentiality at the bottom of each field, to change the sharing settings between public, private, community, and many other options.

Finally, Google has provided a handy guide for privacy settings, which will guide the user step by step through setting up and explaining each category.

All changes will be visible to all Google services, including Disc, Photos, Google+, and the page is available for each user’s Google.

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