Google Auto may appear in the UK

Google Auto may appear in the UK

Speaking in South Korea, chairman of the board of directors of Google, Eric Schmidt, has hinted at the possibility that self-governing cars Google will expand its activities outside the United States.

Google Auto may appear in the UK

In an interview with The Telegraph, Schmidt explained that UK officials have suggested the possibility of attracting their autonomous cars on the country’s streets. In this case, the choice of the city, where Google can begin testing remains with the company.

However, Eric Schmidt said that the expansion of the Google initiative is challenging because it has to go through many regulatory approvals. Even in the United States, the project must be approved in each state before they can expand.

The process is no different than for other countries, so each country must issue approval before the self-governing cars will appear on its streets.

However, Schmidt said that in the end everyone will enjoy autonomous vehicles. He explained that more than 94% of road accidents occur due to human error, and similar solutions eliminate this factor.

In self-cars have sensors for the review of all parties, and the vehicles will not be able to drink, as opposed to people.

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