Google Auto moves to Washington

Google has conducted testing of autonomous vehicles in Mountain View for six years. Last summer, the search giant has expanded the territory of the trials in the city of Austin, in Texas.

Google Auto moves to Washington

Now it became known that at the end of this month, testing self-driving project moved to Kirkland, Washington. Thus, this is the third city, which joined the project.

In a statement Google said that one reason for the new site of the United States north-west – to gain experience in «various driving conditions, traffic jams and road situations».

In Kirkland observed prolonged seasonal rains that allows you to test the cars in wet weather, along with hills, which will test the sensors at different angles and heights.

A couple of weeks ago, Google has already tested the SUV Lexus RX450h, driving around several square miles in North Kirkland, to create a detailed street map.

The company claims that their software is self-driving has been tested on more than 1.4 million miles.

Last month, the US Transportation Department said they could give up some safety rules for autonomous vehicles to speed up the development of the project.

Regulators will write a guide for self-driving cars within six months.

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