Google Auto received a superior voice

Google recently demonstrated a new voice for services such as Google Now. Many agree that the assistant’s voice became more natural, and with it, more enjoyable. The voice became more similar to the voice of a real person, becoming less robotichnym. And now a new voice appeared in the Android Auto.

Google Auto received a superior voice

Journalists from Android Headlines were able to test it this week with Android Auto to navigate and use voice dialing to send messages.

Of course, many may not even know that his voice changed, although some users have heard two different voices in his car. This is probably just a bug that will be fixed soon enough.

Along with the change of voice users noticed improvement in voice recognition. This capability is an important part of Android Auto, because it allows you to not be distracted by the system during driving.

Users can drive the car, it is easy paving the route, as well as send messages and switch songs. But there is no limit to perfection, and apparently, the Google will continue to improve functionality.

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