Google banned modification Doze OEM-manufacturers

Of all the features added in Android 6.0, Doze technology could be the most exciting. Autonomy devices on Android has long suffered from the applications running in the background while they did not have, and Marshmallow, finally put an end to this.

Google banned modification Doze OEM-manufacturers

To confirm that the device manufacturers will not spoil this technology, Google introduced a new paragraph in Google’s Android 6.0 Compatibility Definition Document (CDD), which prohibits the OEM-producers in any way modify the Doze.

Doze mode – Google is a solution that positively affects the places while waiting for Android-devices. If your smartphone or tablet is not in use for some time, the system goes into deep sleep mode – applications stop working, and not wake the device.

Of course, the machine will be switched on during synchronization or notification, but that’s it. Most likely, this is why the search giant is so kind to the new technology.

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