Google Calendar was & ldquo; smart deals & rdquo;

Google posted a new update for its Calendar application. Upgrading brings new «smart deals»That, according to the company, allows you to quickly create events.

Google Calendar was & ldquo; smart deals & rdquo;

With clever suggestions once you start typing a name, Google will automatically be ready to suggest the results, which should speed up the collection of titles. To create an event, all that users need to do is click on an offer.

In addition, a new feature will offer a place and contacts, so that the user can create an event, simply by choosing from ready-made options. «Smart deals» It supports more than 30 languages.

Also, in the latest update adds support for 54 new countries, with their festive calendar. With the additions, users can add public holidays more than 143 countries.

Google says that the update is now in the process of deployment, so it may take a couple of days before becoming available. Full list of new supported languages ​​with intelligent suggestions contained in the official Google blog.

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