Google changed the rules permitting the use of OEM-manufacturers

One of the biggest innovations in Android 6.0 is the ability to control the permissions for the application. What we could not know, however, it was that the producers were going to modify this function. Now, now there’s an answer through an updated document Marshmallow Compatibility Definition Document.

Google changed the rules permitting the use of OEM-manufacturers

According to him, the applications with the API level 23 will have to ask for permission to access certain protected features. OEM-manufacturers can not avoid this, they also have to use dialogue to resolve queries and the central point of all permissions management.

More important, however, is the fact that OEM-manufacturers do not necessarily ask for permission to pre-installed applications. However, there are two exceptions. The first refers to applications that request permission to something insignificant.

Second – these applications are standard and replace the default program, such as a phone, camera, contacts, etc…
In essence, this means that the OEM-manufacturers, such as Samsung and LG still can replace the dialer and the camera that will work without asking permission.

However, they will not be able to install other applications and provide them with all the powers.

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