Google changes the logo style

Since 1998, Google has undergone many changes, and gradually changed the logo. During the existence of the search engine, the logo changed his style of 6 times – the last time it was in 2013. And now the company has decided to introduce the seventh version of the image of six well-known characters.

Google changes the logo style

As you can see, now the word «Google» It was completely flat. It was changed the font – now he is sans serif.

The changes also apply to other Google symbolism. Instead of the blue icon with the letter «g» It will now display an icon with a capital letter «G»Which consists of four colors.

Microphone, which appears when the user turns on speech recognition, also painted in colors recognizable.

But that’s not all. The new logo will appear in Google Search, Google Now, in fact, completely changed the animation voice input in these applications.

Instead of pulsing red icon is now the user can see the floating points, which are converted into an equalizer, moving in time with the voice. With a promotional video of the major changes you can see below.

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