Google Chrome can save up to 70% of the traffic

Now, saving traffic in Google Chrome is not something revolutionary. A function called Data Saver made its debut in early 2014 and aims to reduce traffic due to the compression of web pages using a Google server. It appears that the Google Chrome team decided to make the Data Saver really awesome.

Google Chrome can save up to 70% of the traffic

Currently, option saves up to 50% of the traffic, which is pretty good, especially if the user is not very generous plan. Tal Oppenheimer, Google Chrome Product Manager showed that the economy of the traffic indicators have been greatly improved, allowing users to save up to 70% of the traffic.

It seems that the component will be able to automatically detect if an Internet connection is bad and do not upload images. Once the page is loaded, the user will be offered the option to manually download all or multiple images.

This is great news for those who have to keep track of data usage level or surfing in a low signal area. However, the function is still not available for all countries, while the option is available to users of devices in India and Indonesia. Most likely, an updated Data Saver will be available for the rest of the world in the coming months.

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