Google Chrome OS will unite and Android

Chrome OS at some point can be absorbed by Android, but Google is not yet ready to talk about exact dates.

Google Chrome OS will unite and Android

The Wall Street Journal reported that Google will combine the Chrome and Android operating systems by 2017. Due to the prevalence of Android, largely unpopular Chrome OS coming in uselessness. The dual approach – Android for smartphones and tablets, Chrome OS for PCs – is no longer relevant for Google.

In another publication, Recode, Chrome OS and Chromebook computers will not cease produced, at least not immediately. Google Partners will continue to use Chrome OS notebook, which was a hit in schools and enterprises. But as notebook manufacturers will be able to choose Android for their products.

Hiroshi Lokheymer, the newly appointed head of Android and Chrome, said on Twitter, that Chrome will exist in one form or another.

We can not expect that Google Lokheymer recognized long-term plans. In any circumstances, Google will still have to assure the same users, developers and partners that they are not invested in the dead platform.

Tweet Lokheymera, however, can be interpreted as a sign that the functionality of the Chrome OS will be integrated into Android.

It will definitely be a very interesting period in the Android world. After the decision to wearable devices, televisions and cars, Google has, it seems, is ready to make Android a computer operating system.

However, Android will need a massive reconstruction to make it really convenient for PC.

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