Google Chrome v48 was supported by Presentation API

The latest beta version of Google Chrome, which is already available in the Play, brings significant changes that will make the developers work much easier.

Google Chrome v48 was supported by Presentation API

Now, Chrome Beta v48 supports Presentation API. Previously, sites were not able to show them the contents of the devices in the vicinity, making it difficult to access the content Chromecast, or other compatible devices.

The new version allows you to show the contents devaysa Google Cast. Also in this update adds support for custom buttons in the notification.

Since Google Chrome v42, the application has the ability to receive push-notifications from your favorite sites.

With the new option, developers can add a custom button for notifications, allowing users to perform tasks within the notice.

In addition, developers can use NetworkInformation.downlinkMax, to help them find the device with the maximum bandwidth and easily send the best resources for the appropriate connection speed.

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