Google completely abandon Flash

Google has a little less than a year campaigning advertisers to abandon Flash and switch to HTML5. It seems that Google is now becoming more serious about the acceleration in Adobe Flash demise.

Google completely abandon Flash

Advertising giant sent out a notification, according to which from June 30, 2016, AdWords, and DoubleClick will not accept Flash-ads. And starting from January 2, 2017, these ads will not appear in the Display Network, and it will be impossible to go through a double-click.

This is sufficient time for the advertising industry and its suppliers, kotoryev any case have time to alter their banners by that date.

Google has blocked Flash-ads in Chrome, and expelled them from YouTube. But at the same time the company has made an exception for the video.

As for the Mozilla, they tried to ban Flash in Firefox, but changed their minds, declaring that the plugin is part of the web experience for most users and therefore deserves to be.

It is not difficult to understand why Google encourages advertisers to abandon Flash: product is fairly handy tool for those who use ad networks to spread malware and other forms of attack.

That is why the company takes strict measures to force advertisers to switch to safer decisions.

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