Google continues to struggle with ad blocker

At Samsung last week updated its Internet browser, which will now support third-party plug-ins to block advertising. Many fans of Samsung welcomed the introduction of new functionality, but it turns out that Google does not approve of this decision.

Google continues to struggle with ad blocker

AdBlock Fast, a third-party ad blocker, which works with the Samsung browser, has recently been conserved through Google Play.

In a few short days since the browser began to support the addition Adblock Fast, the app skyrocketed to the top of Google Play rankings, surpassing more than 50,000 downloads.

Rocketship Apps, developers Adblock Fast, announced that they have received a rather abstract a letter from Google Play. A message saying that Adblock Fast has been removed from the store Play, because it violates para. 4.4 of the distribution agreement.

In this section, in particular, it mentioned that the game store will not accept applications that interfere with other services.

Interestingly, a similar plug Adblok Plus – which is also compatible with the Samsung Internet Browser – is still available in the Play Store, in spite of the same functionality and screen lock.

Rocketship developers believe that Google did not remove AdBlock Plus, because he was not so popular among users of Google Play, so it is still fashionable to download from the app store.

At first it may seem that Google has started the hunt for ad blocking applications, since they are a major threat to the industry’s business. And if you think about it, the company’s goal is achieved.

In fact, chances are that the company will not be able to track down browser that allows you to block advertising are reduced.

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