Google could launch the Apple Care analogue

An intriguing new link was seen in the Google Play store. It points to a so-called Nexus Protect, which is hidden in the source code of the page, and appear to start waiting.

Google could launch the Apple Care analogue

Link to Nexus Protect seen on many pages Google store merchandise. It is expected that the link will then pop-up message, which will be a speech about the impossibility of adding a smartphone in the basket, if there is already a device with a similar option Nexus Protect.

From the wording, we can predperemestit that this is some kind of protection program that applies to smart phones and portable devices. Perhaps this is an expanded plan of care devices, similar to Apple Care.

Despite the hidden links, the Google has not yet announced a similar possible Google Play, so the fact that the company plans to launch a program to support, not confirmed.

We can only hope that the search engine giant is announcing the Protect Nexus with Nexus smartphones September 29 in San Francisco.

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