Google created a profile for VR in the Google Store

Google is moving in the virtual reality segment for several years now, ever since Google Cardboard was announced at the Google I / O 2014. And now the company has included a section in VR Google Store.

Google created a profile for VR in the Google Store

In his Google store offers three suites of their own Google Cardboard for $ 15, Mattel View-Master VR Starter Pack, which includes the iPhone 5 / 5C / 5s Adapter for $ 29.99 USD and Goggle Tech C1-Glass VR Viewer for $ 14.99.

Sets are sent free of charge to the United States, but at this stage there is no indication set in the shops for other countries, and Google has not yet updated the availability of devices page.

Recently, Google persistently increasing their presence in VR, and there are rumors that the company is developing its own autonomous VR-headset, but still no official confirmation of this information.

But judging by the fact that Google recently announced that more than 5 million Google Cardboard were sent around the world and more than 25 million installations of applications for VR was made, the company’s sales can be quite successful.

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