Google development team creates security updates

Lead engineer for Android security to Google Adrian Ludwig recently served on the Black Hat security conference. During the event, Ludwig spoke about Google’s plans to provide monthly security updates for Nexus devices up to three years from the date of release.

Google development team creates security updates

After the conference, a security engineer on Google+ announced his page that creates a search engine giant Google Group – a team that will deal directly with the development and security updates Android-devices for a monthly release.

In addition to smartphones and tablets Nexus, Google Group will provide an update for producers who so wish.
The first version of the security update is now available for AOSP builds as well as OEM-manufacturer.

Google development team creates security updates

List of devices that have received the update, you can see below.

Now all the forces thrown at Google Group Stagefright eliminate vulnerabilities, which a few weeks does not allow users to be confident in the safety of their own devices.

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