Google Docs has a new navigation function

Recently, there was not much to update Google Docs app, but the team certainly did not break. Today office app from Google received a new feature that many will appreciate.

Google Docs has a new navigation function

The element called “Automatic Outlines” It will help you navigate through the document with a lot of titles. When you create a document, the system will search for titles and other dividers to create a list of topics for fast scrolling.

When you are in a document, you can just start scrolling to see a list of sub-headings pops up on the right side of your Android-device. The same function will be to emphasize the section in which you are. If you do not like that kind of navigation, it can be disabled easily.

In addition to the new instrument, in the annex, a new scrolling buttons, which can be used to more quickly move through the document. A new button allows scrolling through the pages, as well as we used to do it in the web version.

As with all Google updates it may take some time before the new functions can be enabled for all users.

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