Google Docs, Sheets and Slides received templates

Google is not only strives to improve its application, and to make them competitive. And if most of the applications of the company have sufficient functionality, the office suite from Google is quite inferior to similar programs. However, Google does not make reserves venture Docs, Sheets and Slides more advanced.

Google Docs, Sheets and Slides received templates

“Opening” application that was done a few months ago, demonstrated a few general lines, which hinted at the release patterns. Several months passed, and the ability to finally have options in all three applications.

Now when you click on the floating action button to create a new file in any of the three applications, you will see an option that will provide the ability to select a template.

Also you can choose any of the formatting styles that are available in the Web-version of Docs, Sheets and Slides. Templates include expense reports, agendas, summaries, and so on.

Similar patterns have to do to start working on the files easier, because users do not have to worry about formatting, font, or indentation.

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